Ahmadi: Gavin Newsome has Earned my Respect

By Mike — aka Yoda — Ahmadi

Let me tell why Gavin Newsome, a person I once hated, has earned my respect. When faced with a crisis he calmly and politely asked President Trump for help.  Despite being sworn enemies Trump gave him help immediately.

Newsome has continued to work with Trump and continues to get help. California, despite having nearly 15% of the US population, has the flattest curve and a daily death count from Covid 19 that is about equivalent to traffic deaths in the state (on average). Both Trump and a Newsome have publicly praised each other for the positive things they have done and refrained from bashing each other on other issues.

Intelligent and strategically minded people understand that criticizing and bashing those in power, especially during a crisis, does not solve any problems. Intelligent people find a way to work towards a solution once they set aside their disagreements.  Despite this great example set by Newsome, we still have a lot of small-minded people in this nation that find it appropriate to not only continue to bash the President, but refuse to acknowledge any good decision he has made, and sometimes even criticize good decisions, even though they also criticized the opposite decision.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is very real. It makes those who suffer from it act like complete idiots, and while that may work out okay when not facing an existential crisis, it can be fatal when we are facing one.

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