AG Merrick’s Terminally Delays Indicting The Seditious Bastard by Appointing a Special Prosecutor — It’s Like the Kiss of Death for Justice


Even though 114 Trump backing Congressional candidates underperformed by five percentage points compared to those GOP candidates who were not Trumpets, showing clearly where a plurality of voters are — the United States Attorney General Merrick Garland has indefinitely delayed any indictment of Trump by appointing a special prosecutor.

It was a chickenshit move.

As the delays of indictment extend inevitably to more than a year, and once the special prosecutor builds his staff, and gets up to speed, the GOP Presidential primary will be well underway — which will make it easier for Trump to say the special prosecutor is influencing the primary.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee that this special prosecutor has the courage to indict The Seditious Bastard, especially if AG Garland picked the special prosecutor in his own image.

The AG handed The Seditious Bastard the exact thing he’s been playing for since the FBI search: delay, delay, delay.

Now we can count on delays and delays and delays — Trump will play for them and win some, on top of a whole new leadership team on the two investigations — then will the Special Prosecutor wilt when it comes time to pull the trigger, just like the AG who appointed him?

The reality and the problem is that it will take a very long time to tell, but one thing is for sure, The Seditious Bastard will enjoy not being indicted for, I estimate, almost a year.

There is also this, from Vox:

A special counsel operates outside the ordinary Justice Department chain of command and is, in theory, more insulated from pressure to do the bidding of DOJ bosses. Additionally, per regulations, the special counsel can only be fired for “good cause.”

However, the special counsel is not a truly independent operator. The attorney general can still overrule any of his decisions — though the AG would have to notify Congress that he had done this. This means, effectively, that any decisions about potential indictments of Trump or others would still be reviewed by Garland.

The appointment of a Special Prosecutor is a total outrage.

It is not justice.

And it will not provide the insulation from the political process the Department of Justice AG says he wants, the delays of indictment and trial will put it all in the middle of the primary — because the AG was so cautious.

Will they halt the trial or halt the indictments because of the GOP Presidential primary?

Will the prosecutor be ready anytime soon to make a decision about indicting The Seditious Bastard?

It’s apparent now that the AG will use and has used any excuse not to indict The Seditious Bastard.

That is the gist of the appointment of the Special Prosecutor — the AG decided he will not indict The Seditious Bastard, plain and simple.

Smith, the new special prosecutor, in his first public statement, issued one that is simply not credible on its face:

The pace of the investigations will not pause or flag under my watch,” Smith said in a statement Friday. “I will exercise independent judgement and will move the investigations forward expeditiously and thoroughly to whatever outcome the facts and the law dictate.” [emphasis added]


Do show us, please.

Let’s face it, the last two special prosecutors — Muller and Durham — showed that this is where investigations die.

Muller did not indict anyone; in fact, explained he could not indict a sitting President, setting that precedent.

Durham’s multi-year-long investigation ended in two acquittals.

The recent history of the appointment of Special Prosecutors is clear: they are appointed to cause endless delays where cases go to die and never make it to court, and if they do end up in court, they fail miserably.

So, yeah, not a big fan of AG Merrick’s decision, which, as I said, is chickenshit.

The most logical reason AG Merrick declined to indict Trump is the Department of Justice does not have the evidence to indict and or does not have the will to indict.

The Seditious Bastard, always whining and always playing the victim, insists (once again) he is above the law by announcing he will not partake in the investigation by the Special Prosecutor.

Meanwhile, when you say The Hague or War Crimes to liberals, their hearts go aflutter, and their knees get weak, and they have immediate faith that Smith will get his man.

Here is one tweet that sums up the situation nicely, found in Vanity Fair:

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