Acting DHS Secretary Gets the Virus Mortality Rate Wrong in Congressional Testimony and the Mortality Rate of the Flu Wrong Too — He needs to Resign Immediately

Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf should resign immediately.

To get these basic facts so incorrect means he needs to leave.

Right now.

Wolf says (see video below) that the Wuhan virus mortality rate is “around 2 percent,” and then he says it is “under 2 percent,” and says it is between “one and a half and two percent.”

Then he says the U.S. influenza mortality rate “is right around two percent as well.”

Then Sen. Kennedy asks him if he is “sure of that?” And then Acting Secretary Chad Wolf says “Yes, sir.”

Actually, as of today here is the calculation of the mortality rate of the Wuhan virus it’s 3.4% — 34 times the mortality rate of influenza, which is 0.1%.

As one former Senate staffer said: “Quite possibly the worst performance by a Cabinet member in recent history.” It is hard to argue with that assessment.

Watch the cringe-worthy video, below:

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