72 Hours After Biden Threatens Putin — Russian Troops Flee Kyiv

When President Biden said, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” the West clutched their pearls.

Meanwhile, Putin finally got the message.

Threatening Putin with assassination is language he can respect and understands, in the Russian way.

And Biden’s “gaffe” has paid off.

72 hours after Biden’s threat, strongman Putin orders his troops out of northern Ukraine and to focus on the Eastern border of Ukraine.

The conventional wisdom on the right is that Biden is weak and Putin is strong — this is the unrelenting Trump narrative.

Like most things Trump says about Putin and Biden regarding Ukraine, Trump has it wrong again.

Biden’s message to Putin has had a real-world impact.

It is also why Putin is hiding out like a fugitive in his own country in the bunker built for the Russian leadership to ride out nuclear war.

But really, Putin is just hiding.

He is hiding because failure on the scale he has imposed on Russia ends in only one way: Putin being assassinated.

Thus, the little man with the big failure is hiding out in a bunker near Surgut, in western Siberia.

You could say that Putin is in self-imposed internal exile in Siberia — afraid to come out, afraid to live in the country he supposedly runs.

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