ObamaCare is Reviled for a Reason

From Would Americans Miss It?

ObamaCare is reviled for a reason: ObamaCare, needlessly enacted during a deep economic recession, is “deeply unpopular with the public,” and it’s easy to see why, says John Steele Gordon at Commentary. If the Supreme Court strikes down the law, including a provision requiring many small businesses to provide their employees with insurance, employers would celebrate the lifting of the “biggest government-mandated labor cost hike in American history.” Free of uncertainty, businesses would hire and grow — and that would be a development to celebrate.

And Democrats have only themselves to blame: No one would miss ObamaCare because Democrats “failed to do a critical part of the job: To explain and defend to the public not only how the law works, but the constitutional case for upholding it,” says Simon Lazarus at The New Republic. Republicans have used “legally flimsy but broadly digestible soundbites” to attack ObamaCare, and now a full 70 percent of Americans think the mandate is unconstitutional. And now, if the court strikes down the law, Democrats will have lost not only the health-care fight, but the argument that Congress is free to to address big problems with big solutions.

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