12 Political Predictions: From 11/11/23 until the 2024 Presidential Elections

Not in chronological order:

1. Governor DeSantis is the GOP nominee for President.

2. President Biden is the Democratic nominee for President.

3. Former President Trump is convicted in NY and GA.

4. Speaker Johnson is ousted.

5. A Bipartisan Speaker is elected.

6. Former President Trump turns on Republicans, post NY and GA guilty verdicts.

7. Putin dies, and Russia pulls all troops out of all of Ukraine’s territory, including Crimea.

8. President Biden is vindicated; his global stature rises and receives a big domestic political boost.

9. Former President Trump throws anyone he can under the bus to curry favor with all his prosecutors and the Judge in GA.

10. For attention, and because of his legal peril, former President Trump runs for President as an independent.

11. Liz Cheney/Mitt Romney counter-run for President as an independent ticket to bleed Republican votes from Trump.

12. President Biden is re-elected.

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