Monthly Archive: February 2020


HHS External Affairs: COVID-19 Information and Resources for States, Schools and Healthcare Professionals

COVID-19 Information & Resources 1-Page Fact Sheet on COVID-19: Resources for States COVID-19 Overview: Embed code to create auto-updating page on your website with latest from CDC: Pandemic Preparedness Resources: ...


DEMpire Doom

From Politico by Korecki and Siders: “In 30-plus years of politics, I’ve never seen this level of doom. I’ve never had a day with so many people texting, emailing, calling me with so much...


Taibbi: The Bloomberg Myth Explodes on Live TV

Taibbi in the Rolling Stone: What a catastrophe Wednesday night was for Mike Bloomberg. The New York plutocrat was kicked in the teeth by Elizabeth Warren in the first minutes — she denounced him as a Trump-like...