British Docs Call for Withholding Care from Smokers, the Elderly and the Obese

Socialized medicine, or a single payer system, means that there is one payer, and it’s the government.

But the government puts roadblocks to care in place, because when anything is free, it is over-used.

And because there is only so much money, and there is a higher demand for care than there is the capacity that the government is willing to create and pay for, waiting lines start for that free care.

Socialized medicine is sold as a defined benefit, where you will get whatever care you need, for free. But it is not free. The government pays for it and they only will allocate so much money, so really, socialized medicine is a defined contribution plan. The government says, “We will pay this much, and no more.”

The rub comes with the “and no more” part.

Waiting lines mean sometimes people will die waiting for their free care.

Or, people with connections jump the line and take someone else’s spot, and then someone farther down the line has to wait longer, and may die.

Even free dental care is like this, in England, there is such a shortage of dentists that people are putting their crowns back on with crazy glue.

But now, in order to further refine the line-waiting-rationing-system, British doctors are calling for the elderly, the obese and the smokers to be refused care, and not even be allowed to get in line. (After all, these people would be taking someone else’s spot, who is not elderly, obese or a smoker, someone who really should get the care — the doctors reason.)

Will these doctors also banish the mentally challenged, physically disabled or deformed next? How far off the path did these healers and doctors get, when they are just a few more categories of people to deny care, for these doctors to end up at the same spot as the Waffen SS?

Or, perhaps the elderly will be scared to go to the hospital at all, like the elderly are in the Netherlands, because they often do not come out.

So a obese, elderly, heavy smoking (and drinking) Brit like, oh, I dunno, Winston Churchill (who saved England from Hitler’s war machine) would not be treated. He would be told no health care for you.

Welcome to government run health care. They decide, and you live in pain and discomfort or die from your illness if you don’t make the cut, or can’t wait months for your free care (which you pay for in taxes.)

And just who is it who said government run health care is fair or free or just?

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