AP: 12 Dems Write Senator Reid with Concerns about his Vapor Deal

Twelve Democratic Senators, from across the political spectrum within the Democratic Senate Caucus wrote Senator Harry Reid to voice their concern with his Medicare expansion vapor deal.

Simply put, it is the rural state Senators and others who are concerned that the Medicare reimbursement rates will harm their state’s health care infrastructure, which already suffer from Medicare reimbursement rates that are too low.

Add this group to the Senator Lieberman oppposition.  This group is, however, more muted, but just as concerned.

Dems are holding up, opposing or have serious concerns with the Reid vapor deal.  This is why the Associated Press article linked to above is titled: “Dems against Dems in health care vote struggle.”

The wheels have come off.

And the trillion dollar President has summoned the Democratic Senators to ask them to act in his political interest, and not in their political interest.

In the words of SpongeBob SquarePants: “Well, good luck with that.”

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