The Hill on the lack of muscle and will at the White House to deal Senator Reid’s Chief of Staff a large serving of pay-back:

“A lot of people in this town will stab you in the back,” said one Democratic strategist. “But David is very much a stab-you-in-the-front kind of guy. He wanted to make sure the White House knew it was coming from him and I think a lot of people respect that.”

While the Post story stung, there’s little indication it will permanently spoil Reid and Obama’s relationship. The White House believes there are too many policy priorities for the two not to continue working together closely. Reid loyalists agree, saying there’s little chance of the White House freezing him out.

“How are they going to take it out on him?” the operative pondered aloud, regarding the White House. “They still need Sen. Reid. I’m sure they’re upset. No one wants to be called out. But retribution? I don’t think they have either the muscle or the inclination to do that.”

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