ObamaCare’s Devastation for the Dem Senators Who Voted for It: Of the 60 Who Voted Yes, Only 30 Remain in the Senate

Assuming the poll showing a 16 point deficit for Senator Landrieu is a clear sign she will lose in the up-coming run-off (not to mention the fact that the Democratic Party pulled their TV ads in a signal they don’t think it’s worth the money) there will only be 46 Democratic Senators.

Of those 46, 16 sitting Democratic Senators did not vote for ObamaCare, meaning of the 60-filibuster-proof votes by Senate Dems when ObamaCare passed, only 30 Dem Senators who voted for ObamaCare still remain in the Senate.

According to many liberals, ObamaCare had nothing to do with the Dems losing the House or the Senate.

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