ObamaCare Cheerleaders Chait, Klein and Sargent Abandon their Union Allies

Chait, Klein and Sargent continue to blame GOP obstructionism for the slow-motion implementation disaster that is ObamaCare.

But the Dems authored it and voted for it.

It is, in fact, 100% Dem designed.

And the fact the the liberal media has completely ignored the plight of the unions must be particularly galling to them.

Where are their liberal allies in the media?

Silent — which means the liberal media has betrayed their union allies.

Turns out, for the unions, their liberal media allies are looking at their shoes, not lifting a finger to help.

Nice to know who your friends are, and where they are when you need them.

The message to the unions is clear: projecting the utopian mirage of ObamaCare is more important than your member’s health plans — or in this case, soon to be lack thereof.

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