Knee Jerk Liberals like Greg Sargent Believe the WH when it says Your Data is Secure on


Yes, just read the ObamaCare defender in chief, Greg Sargent.

Greg, HHS gave itself a security waiver so the site could go live.

That is, it waived the security requirements, because they couldn’t go live without waiving them.

The chief of security refused to sign off on the waiver, then resigned when the site went live after the waiver was executed.

Or, put it this way, serious security experts are recommending Americans go no where near the site, it’s not safe.

John McAfee thinks the lack of security on is outrageous.

Companies that deal in data and security, like McAfee’s and “Experian cautioned that the millions entering the insurance exchanges will ‘increase the vulnerability of the already susceptible healthcare industry.'”

Then there’s the CNBC report of the hacker who concluded no security was ever was built into the site.

Just because concerns about the security of your most precious health and bio data will cause shopping cart sign-ups to drop (not enrollments, since that means people have to pay, and the latest estimates from those who know, are that between five and ten percent have paid their first premium) doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Given the Administration’s refusal to come clean about anything regarding their website, this is yet another example of the type of issue they would bury and deny, deny, deny, until they are forced to admit the real facts.

In fact, is a hackers wet dream — access to huge amounts of the most sensitive personal information, not to mention gateways into Department of Homeland Security databases, insurer data bases and, of course, that massive repository of detailed information on every American, the IRS.

Sargent, before you go into your instant, full-throated freak out of what you instantly decide to be baseless charges, you should read this or this (from those conservatives at Mother Jones), or this or this or this or this.

Or, perhaps you should consider the possibility that the sophistication of hackers that have dropped Amazon, Google, NASDAQ and other never-go-down sites could make quick work of a web site that was publicly and incompetently deployed, without vetting its security.

You have no understanding of security issues, recent events in this space, or the history of the security issues with

This is a perfect example of why the media is no longer trusted on ObamaCare, they have one single modus operandi, defend first, ask questions, well, never.

The ObamaCare defenders have a singular ability to deny, publicly and with great chest pounding, the reality of their ideologically driven mirage of morality. It really is sickening, pathetic and explains why the Democrats and their allies keep taking a beating in the polls.

Sargent is constantly telling Republicans that they must accept the reality of ObamaCare, that is here to stay, but he cannot accept the reality of serious concerns and legitimate issues because it will lower his precious shopping cart sign ups that he insists are really enrollments.

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