Jennifer Haberkorn of Politico is Exhibit A in biased Democrat, er, MSM Health Care “Reporting”

In the wake of the cardiac arrest kits that had to be broken out to deal with hysterical liberal media types during the Supreme Court oral arguments on ObamaCare, it was clear once again that the Democrats and the liberal media have a chronic and genetic tin ear when it comes to the politics of freedom and health care.

In fact, it’s far worse than that, they are essentially disabled mentally when it comes to health care and politics.

It is like trying to teach algebra to a third grader who keeps insisting they understand, but, of course, they have no clue or patience to learn — and their pride prevents them from saying “I don’t understand.”

So, like Jennifer Haberkorn, they illustrate the fact they don’t understand — on television and in writing.

They don’t understand they are illustrating their ignorance, regularly, because their colleagues and fellow Democrat travelers all read their work and the lack of understanding is like a daily plague pumped out by leftist journalists to other leftist journalists and other leftist politicians. They commit the greatest sin of any propagandist, they believe their own propaganda.

In a piece speculating about the possible striking of the insurance mandate by the Supreme Court, Jennifer writes:

“This scenario robs the Obama administration of key, popular benefits of the health law.”

Oh, and before that she adds that any ruling “doesn’t guarantee that either party can win over public opinion.” Then she quotes a super liberal on that huge issue, number one in the polls on ObamaCare: gender discrimination. Oh, yeah — that. Then she brings up the big political health care winner — the single payer option by quoting Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Does the fact that last week Gallup did a poll that found that 72% of the American people think ObamaCare is unconstitutional even make it to the list of relevant facts in Jennifer’s article?

In a March 4 poll, the Kaiser Foundation found that 67% of the American public support the repeal of individual mandate.

Or how about the fact that the paragon of liberal polling, the Kaiser Foundation, repeatedly has found not just a bare majority but that only 41 percent of Americans support the law — and only 29 percent of independent voters support it.

So when Jennifer Haberkorn, exhibit A in liberal blindness and bias writes about the “popular provisions” and does not mention either Gallup or Kaiser Foundation polling to describe where the American people really are — not just the fantasies peddled by Politico firmly in her head (reality cannot intervene) — which were obviously downloaded to her brain from the Minority Leader’s office and the White House.

Now we know why the liberal media went into cardiac arrest over the oral arguments — they lack the basic observation skills to represent to themselves and the public, the basic, fundamental political realities on ObamaCare.

Here is some analysis that will never make it into Politico: never before has the U.S. Supreme Court had more political cover to toss a law and make it null and void. (See March Gallup and Kaiser polls above.)

The liberals don’t know this or understand it because they don’t write about reality when it comes to health care.

They just write their own political health care fantasies because they are “moral” and “right” about forcing people to lose choice and freedom and be taxed excessively and be forced by the power of the State to buy an overpriced product, to dictate by law their view of morality on the public, and force the public to subsidize it. (Of course, they can not understand why this would be unconstitutional.)

In order to do this promote this view, they deliberately ignore and omit relevant political facts, or quote Republicans who insist that reform is needed — again ignoring the political realities visited on 80+ Democratic U.S. House Members who aren’t here now.

They don’t even realize that their biased reporting only hurts their own side because their side starts believing the propaganda pushed out by their pals in the media.

Witness: the president loses 20+ approval points, the Dems lose the House and their 60 vote filibuster proof margin in the Senate, and now are poised to have either most or, as I expect, all of their delusional health care law tossed — and in the first paragraphs of her article, Jennifer talks about the “popular benefits” of ObamaCare — omitting all relevant recent polling information.

When the American public gets a voice, it is clear they can’t stand Jennifer’s version of the world and because Jennifer and her MSM pals literally can’t help themselves, they end up causing Americans to heap anger on the media’s Democratic friends and allies. Why? — because the public is so repeatedly sick and angry of having their views disrespected by the leftist media, who never represent the public’s view or the political reality in their ObamaCare “analysis” but only repeatedly push the Democrat line, which as shown in recent polls and the latest election, the American public can’t stand.

But, hey, that doesn’t stop Jennifer Haberkorn from blindly hurting her pals and disrespecting (by not even remotely representing) the views of the public.

To the extent the left-wing media reads this, they are probably saying — oh, you can’t say that, that’s not fair — really? So March 2012 Gallup and Kaiser polls, and the latest election results must not be fair either, is that what you mean? Or are your protests to this piece just another example of your can’t-get-it-through-your-head problem when it comes to health care politics?

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