Dems Obliterated from the Heartland


“These demographic patterns carry powerful geographical implications. After Tuesday, Democrats, incredibly, hold a majority of the congressional delegation in only three states—Iowa, New Mexico, and Vermont—that don’t directly touch an ocean. Republicans similarly routed Democrats in gubernatorial races across the Midwest and the border states, from Ohio and Tennessee to Wisconsin and Iowa.”

Maybe this is why, Gibbs — the White House spokesman — says he does not think that the GOP will try to repeal ObamaCare.

Is he really that deaf and that blind?

Hey Gibbs — in case you have not noticed, you and your boss — The One and the Speaker — has enraged a huge segment of America with your persistence on cramming ObamaCare down America’s throat.

And now, that persistence that has been met with vengeance.

Given your repeated ignoring of the will of the American people, and The One’s arrogance — if you can’t see the repeal writing on the wall, perhaps you need some time away from the White House.

You know, a long, really long break.

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