Boulie Whines: the GOP won’t Fix ObamaCare (Plum Line)

Jim Boulie whines that the GOP, who had the ObamaCare law crammed down their throats over their full and complete objections, won’t help fix the law.

Perfect, after being ignored about the implications of the law and it’s impact on employees and business, Boulie now blames those who attempted to change the law before it became law, not those who ignored those warning about it’s impact.

It’s a classic case of blaming the messenger — not those who wrote the law, passed the law and created the entire ObamaCare system. They cannot be blamed. Not ever.

Also, Boulie is factually wrong. Key Democratic Committee Chairmen on the Hill are also at ‘NO,’ on changing ObamaCare legislatively. Some of them, at the risk of the ire of the White House, have said so publicly.

The Chairman of the main committee of jurisdiction in the U.S. Senate — the Committee on Finance — is a Democrat. He is on record with the New York Times with regarding any legislative fixes to ObamaCare: “I’m not sure we’re going to get to the point where it’s time to open the bill and make some changes. Once you start, it’s Pandora’s box.”

Boulie’s prescription for the Administration is to “power through” what he calls “road blocks,” as if they appeared magically or were put there by anyone else other than those who wrote the law, and forced it’s passage without any bi-partisan support.

The only thing bi-partisan about ObamaCare is it’s opposition, and the refusal by both parties in Congress to change it legislatively.

This is exactly what happens when you force through the passage of a highly divisive law without bi-partisan support — or as Boulie still now argues “power through.” It is more of the cram-down. There is a high price that keeps being paid over and over and over, by the “power through” strategy.

This is why the Speaker of the House wants a bi-partisan approach to immigration reform in the U.S. House — and when he said so, he cited the current political and policy turmoil of ObamaCare.

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