MSM SHOCKER, Eleanor Clift: “if the next five months are like the last two, Barack Obama is toast”

From Morning Bits, by Jennifer Rubin:

Eleanor Clift says the reelection campaign isn’t doing fine. “If the next five months are anything like the last two, Barack Obama is toast. That’s what many Democrats are saying privately, and it’s not about Wisconsin. . . . There’s a sense that the economy has stalled, and that the Obama campaign is stuck in a time warp with a message that assumes steady if slow progress, when the jobs picture may not get better. ‘Our real concern is that they’re just sleepwalking,’ says a Democratic strategist, who did not want to be quoted by name criticizing the Obama campaign. His fear, echoed by many, is that Obama’s responses to the dire economic conditions fall far short of the bold leadership needed.”

….The president isn’t doing fine clamping down on accusations of White House leaking. “[T]he president’s use of the word ‘purposely’ to qualify his denial that anyone at his White House leaked seemed to allow for the possibility that officials might have inadvertently released sensitive information, as may have been the case with a recent disclosure about U.S. infiltration of an Al Qaeda-related terrorist cell. Lawmakers in both parties insist the spate of recent disclosures have been particularly damaging. Anger about the issue has transcended rigid partisan boundaries on Capitol Hill, as evidenced by an unusual joint press conference Thursday from bipartisan leaders of the intelligence committees in the Senate and House.”

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